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Grand Tour of Italy

Muche to do and to see in Italy...have you ever heard about Grand Tour of Italy?
We will never tire of repeating it: Italy is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to be seen!
But how was tourism in Italy born?
Exactly with the Grand Tour, a journey made by young aristocrats from all over Europe, in the seventeenth century, with the aim to perfect their preparation and complete a course of study. This trip, during which Italy was the main destination, lasted sometimes  a few months, or in other cases it went on for several years: a long period in which the young scions of Europe traveled through Italy to see it far and wide, giving life in this way to the phenomenon of tourism trips in Italy.
What we would like to propose is a Grand Tour of Italy in a modern way, accessible to all and not only to the aristocracy: it's our idea of what is really worthy to be seen in Italy, starting from the major centers and ports of arrival, in order to know the big cities, but also, for those who want, the possibility to stop and enjoy the surroundings made of small villages. A Grand Tour of Italy that everyone can build according to their taste, deciding where to go and how to move on the whole Italian territory.
Italy will become a destination easy to be visited, a great place where to spend your holidays: you will just tell us your wishes and Italytoknow will offer you the best solutions for your trip to Italy!

Some ideas for your Grand Tour of Italy


And now it's your turn...let's plan your Grand Tour of Italy!

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