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The historical carnival of Ivrea

The historical carnival of Ivrea

Edition 2016: 06th JANUARY - 10th FEBRUARY 2016 (PASSED EVENT)
Battle of the Oranges ("Battaglia delle Arance") - ON SUNDAY THE 07th FEBRUARY 2016

The historical Carnival of Ivrea is an Italian event known in the world, in which population and tourists every year rediscover history, traditions, performance, emotions and ideals; an event in which history mixes with legend in order to create something spectacular that goes over the centuries‚Äč.

What is the Historical Carnival of Ivrea?

The Carnival bases itself on the historical evocation of an event dating from the Middle Ages, in which the population wanted to show its independence from the tyranny of a baron who reduced the city to starvation. The baron was banished from the city, thanks to the daughter of a miller, who triggered a popular rebellion.
The ability of self-determination of the population of Ivrea is celebrated every year through the big civic festival, that arises from this historical evocation.

The main characters of the event:

  • The Miller's daughter, real heroine of the festival;
  • The General, with the miller's daughter, his duty is to guarantee the correct execution of the event;
  • Napoleonic military staff, composed by twenty Officers riding horses, who help the General in his duty;
  • the deputy High Chancellor;
  • the Podesta, surety of the city freedom;
  • the Cortege with flags of the quarters ("Rioni"),represented by the "Abbà" and the Pipes and Drums ("Pifferi e Tamburi")
Main event of the festival is the known "Battle of the Oranges" "(Battaglia delle Arance"), in which all the population and the visitors from all Italy take part; it remember the popular rebellion from the tyranny
Another symbol of this event is the "Berretto Frigio": a red hat in the shape of a sock, wore by all the citizens and the visitors since the last Thursday before  Lent walking in the city, in order to represent the agreement to the ideal to the rebellion and to the aspiration for freedom.

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