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Val d'Ossola: "Presepi sull'acqua" ("Nativities on the water") in Crodo

Val d'Ossola: "Presepi sull'acqua" ("Nativities on the water") in Crodo

Crodo and its mountain villages, a few steps from Lake Maggiore is the seat, since its first edition in 2014, of "Presepi sull'acqua"

In the Val d'Ossola, on the border between Italy and Switzerland, an event to be seen and to be lived: the magic of an exciting journey through more than forty cribs that will be visible 24 hours a 24, in Crodo and its fractions. These are unique places, with their typical mountain architecture built next to characteristic untouched landscapes of this area.

Right between the peaks of Val d'Ossola, citizen groups will carry out the installations of this event, during which the entire territory will become a museum, an exhibition of works of art: nativity scenes floating on the water, an element that in this region of Italy never fails and that will be the guiding thread for the entire tour of Cribs.

Yes, "Presepi sull'acqua" ("Nativities on the water"). Because any fountain or small stream that we can meet by visiting these enchanting villages could become the seat of a crib. As a sort of Christmas treasure hunt, visitors, enchanted by the beauty of this corner of Italy, will discover and visit the beautiful villages of this valley.

24 hours a 24: at any time of day or night you can see these cribs, enhanced even more by lights and candles that after sunset will make installations even more magic for the visitor.


The event will take place from the 7th December 2016 to the 08th January 2017, in Crodo and its mountain villages, in the Val d'Ossola, not far from Lake Maggiore and from the border between Italy and Switzerland.

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