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Matera2019 - "Leonardo da Vinci: Il Genio del Bene"

Matera2019 - "Leonardo da Vinci: Il Genio del Bene"

Venue of the exposition: Ex-Hospital San Rocco, San Biagio street - Matera
Dates: from 03rd March to 30th June 2016 (PASSED EVENT)
The exhibition-show "Leonardo da Vinci: Il Genio del Bene" (Literally "Leonardo da Vinci: The genius of good") , will allow visitors to see some of the machines invented by the Tuscan genius.
The machines for the flight, the parachute, a bicycle and a hydraulic saw will only be some of the works in this exhibition, which is part of the events and initiatives related to Matera Capital of Culture 2019: there will be really functioning machines , and visitors can try them.
The exhibition will include also some codes of Leonardo da Vinci and reproductions of his most important works of art and an actor in costume who will represent the same Leonardo da Vinci will accompany visitors to the discovery of his works and his life.

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