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Manarola: the largest nativity scene in the world

Manarola: the largest nativity scene in the world

Manarola is one of  the wonderful villages of the Cinque Terre, in Liguria: enchanted villages between see and mountain, located in a real amazing panorama!
They are ideal destinations for summer holidays, walking in spring and autumn...
...but what to do in Manarola in winter? Just have a look on what is possible to se: :
The first largest nativity scene in the world, which was immediately added to the Guinness Book of World Records, was inaugurated in 2007.
The idea of the Nativity and its realization are the work of Mr. Mario Andreoli, a former employee of the Italian railways, now retired, who in 1976 began the construction of what became a unique work of its kind, and after 30 years he was able to cover the entire hill. In 2008 the Nativity became also environmentally friendly thanks to a purpose-built photovoltaic system.
For the world's largest Nativity were used ...
  • about 8 km of electric cables,
  • 17000 bulbs,
  • more than 300 life-size figures (mostly built from recycled materials)

The EDITION 2016-2017 of Manarola Nativity will see its inauguration at the 530pm on the 8th of December 2016 and will be visible until the end of January 2017

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