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What to see in Italy? Visit San Gimignano

The city of the towers, that still preserves its Medieval look

Let's visit San Gimignano: the Medieval village in the heart of Tuscany known for towers and good wine

We are in the province of Siena, in Tuscany...
...... we are getting closer to a village that looks like medieval, with the strange skyline...
Continuing with our advance we can better understand what we are seeing: they are towers, the famous towers of San Gimignano!
We can see the Torre Grossa, the highest of all, with its 54 meters high it stands over the city and the Piazza del Duomo, then the Rognosa Tower, the twin towers of the Salvucci, and then still others ... we count 13 of them!
... just think that a few centuries ago there were 70 towers to see in San Gimignano!
Here we are in our San Gimignano: the village of he towers, which still looks like a medieval village!

Just some ideas to discover the city: it is possible for you to create your tailor made travel, based on your time and interests.

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