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What to see in Italy? Visit Otranto

The most Eastern town of Italy, in the Salento peninsula

Visit Otranto, on the Adriatic coast of Salento peninsula, to plunge into a wonderful sea, and get your fill of history

We are in the easternmost point of Italy, in Puglia, on the stretch of the Adriatic coast of Salento peninsula ...​

... we are walking through the alleys of this ancient town, full of history and meeting point for many cultures
we are now walking near the port
along the sea ...
it's time for a cocktail and many people, young people, couples and families gather here,
in this corner of Otranto rich in the many cafes suitable for a stop,
to have a drink while admiring a wonderful show:
from the Bastion of the Pelasgians we can enjoy a beautiful view of the harbor area

Otranto, situated on one of the most beautiful Italian coasts, offers a crystal clear sea, but also a village full of history and culture, today as in the past it is a connecting bridge between Italy and the rest of the world!


Just some ideas to discover the city: it is possible for you to create your tailor made travel, based on your time and interests.

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