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What to see in Italy? Visit Matera

The city of the "Sassi", UNESCO heritage and European capital of Culture for 2019 

Discover what to see in Matera, in Basilicata, city of the 'Sassi' and European capital of Culture 2019

We are in Matera, the second city of the Basilicata...
...we are in the Pascoli square and we move on the balcony of the belvedere...looking around we get enchanted by the breathtaking view:
we can see the "Civita" and the famous "Sassi" of Matera...
by one side we are struck by the impressive cathedral placed on the "Civita", built in a raised position, just to make it visible from the surrounding countryside;
by the other the "Sasso Caveoso", with its cave churches and houses, almost entirely carved into the rock
Known as the City of the "Sassi", Matera was named European capital of culture for 2019 and declared part of UNESCO heritage

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