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What to see in Italy? Visit Collodi

The birthplace of "Pinocchio": the Italian fairy tale

Always something to do in Collodi: the borough of Pinocchio in Tuscany offers much to see for the whole family!

We are in Collodi, town of Pescia, in province of Pistoia, in the green Tuscany...

...what's down there? A child? A Marionette?

Oh yes ... it is a wooden puppet! It's Pinocchio!
Can you see how happy he skips through the streets of this enchanting medieval borough?

And those two? A cat and a fox?
Exactly them! Those two scoundrels are trying to frame our poor Pinocchio, the Italian puppet known in the world.

Do you understand what we are doing here? We came to visit the country where Carlo Lorenzini, called Collodi, the author of the most known Italian fairy tale: "THE ADVENTURES OF PINOCCHIO" spent much of his childhood.


Discovering Collodi will be like immerse ourselves in the playful atmosphere of the tale of Pinocchio: the park dedicated to the Italian marionette, celebrates what made this borough known throughout the world.


Just some ideas to discover the city: it is possible for you to create your tailor made travel, based on your time and interests.

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