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What is Italytoknow.com?

Italytoknow.com arises from the need to have a world wide version of the Italiadavedere.com website. Our desire is to communicate with as many people as possible, in order to make the Italian taste known in the world. Foreign visitors are very important for Italy, especially for all the small villages created during Italian history and we would be glad to make you discover all what you can do and see in Italy!

Italiadavedere.com was born from an idea of people who love italy and travel.

The way of traveling that fascinates us is to visit and discover the places that have something to say and to offer. We start from the belief that all places are unique: big cities, famous seaside resort, the destinations of mass tourism, but they are already known and apreciated from general public. We want to bring out even the smaller businesses that we think are valid, even by themselves, a journey: destinations that make Italy so beautiful to see!

Because our ideal journey is a discovering journey, that can bridge and grow our curiosity.
When we started thinking about a list of Italian places to tell about in our website, we noticed that a name of a city was suggesting us other two, three, or four names: in a few time we obtained a long list of cities that we would like to tell about, so our curiosity was growing up and we hope to be able to grow up also your desire to know!
Itineraries have been thought as real walks around in historical centers and not like long lists of churches, castles and monuments; we would like to suggest some ideas to organize your visit in Italy as you like. It will be possible to take a quick look on the destination or read some more information, if you have time and you are interested; it will enable you to create a tailor made program depending on your needs.
In some cases we also talk about events which will take place in the proposed Italian destinations: they can be annual events or single events, to have one more reason to travel!
We will be glad to help You to discover these places, planning with You your journey through Italy based on your dreams and desires, with the collaboration and technical organization of INDOORS TRAVEL
...and now GOOD DISCOVERY!

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